Eric Barker

I play piano/synthesizer, sing, as well as play drums and bass. My degree is in electronic and traditional composition, and have a lot of experience in audio production as well. I enjoy exploring and blending different styles of music, never completely satisfied with the status-quo in a particular genre. My primary influences are contemporary classical, fusion jazz, and progressive rock, but I've also played in heavy metal and celtic groups.

Margaret Ransdell-Green

Margaret Ransdell-Green has a magnificient voice. She trained as an opera soprano, though has also sung jazz and light-opera. Singing is only one of many fascets in her ongoing study of language formation, construction, and use. She has also constructed several languages, which sometimes appear in our music. She is currently finishing up a degree in linguistics at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Margaret too, grew up listening to progressive rock, and 20th century classical music, as well as opera.